Cordell and Whitney Lak! [Wedding Photography Plain, WA.]

Wow!!! I woke up in the morning and it started to rain! There was rain and thunder storms in our day! I knew somehow it would all work out but it's not what you hope for! I drove to plain and the weather was holding out a bit. Whitney was so relaxed not worried at all which made for a happy photographer. After drying things off and hoping for not a down pour, we had the first look!! It seems like things just happen just like they are supposed to on wedding days! We got so many wonderful photo's, then we were off to the wedding site. Well Cordell and Whitney did not tell me we would be driving 5 miles up a slippery  dirt road full of mud puddles and  to boot into god know's where we were! It was a adventure for sure! When we arrived it was a beautiful meadow and decorated so wonderful! The rain was always present but for pictures it held out and then the most awesome rainbow appeared! Double one at that! Now that is luck and a photographers dream!! Many wishes and wonderful memories to come for Cordell and Whitney! And by the way guys we made it out of there somehow in the pitch dark! Right at T and Left and another Left!! LOL!!!!!!