Vogt's Maternity Photo's [Wenatchee, WA.]

Pretty fun day spending with Jesson and Casey shooting their maternity photo's! It means alot after shooting their wedding and then the little one is on the way!!  And let's not forget Nala she is their baby also! You guys are very special! You will be great together forever!! Many wishes and great times ahead with little Elsa!

Here's beautiful Elsa!!!!!!!

Here's beautiful Elsa!!!!!!!

Dillly Wedding Ohme Gardens. [Wenatchee, WA.]

Such a beautiful wedding and a great family. Special moments and wonderful people came together to celebrate such a wonderful wedding. Sam, Lauren and the kids were amazing! Had so much fun!! Let me tell you the highlight of course was those two so much in love, but the dessert table was amazing!! Congrat's!!


Wood Wedding [Twin Willo Gardens, Snohomish}

This was a perfect wedding venue and a lovely bride, groom and family. The perfect day was so special and fun and full of laughter and love. The flowers were in full bloom and the sun was shining bright. Congtat's to Jared and Shoshana,  you guys were fun and wonderful and your love filled the air!  Even with that big matchete to cut the cake! That was a first and so much fun!


Cordell and Whitney Lak! [Wedding Photography Plain, WA.]

Wow!!! I woke up in the morning and it started to rain! There was rain and thunder storms in our day! I knew somehow it would all work out but it's not what you hope for! I drove to plain and the weather was holding out a bit. Whitney was so relaxed not worried at all which made for a happy photographer. After drying things off and hoping for not a down pour, we had the first look!! It seems like things just happen just like they are supposed to on wedding days! We got so many wonderful photo's, then we were off to the wedding site. Well Cordell and Whitney did not tell me we would be driving 5 miles up a slippery  dirt road full of mud puddles and  to boot into god know's where we were! It was a adventure for sure! When we arrived it was a beautiful meadow and decorated so wonderful! The rain was always present but for pictures it held out and then the most awesome rainbow appeared! Double one at that! Now that is luck and a photographers dream!! Many wishes and wonderful memories to come for Cordell and Whitney! And by the way guys we made it out of there somehow in the pitch dark! Right at T and Left and another Left!! LOL!!!!!! 

Owen and Kim Parsley!!!! [Wedding Photography Omak, WA.]

Gorgeous day for a very real country wedding! We were welcomed with such hospitiality and anywhere we needed to go Wendell was there on that four wheeler! Being on a ranch was so much fun! Makes for awesome photo's! As for my bride and groom they are so meant for each other. The love that poured out was amazing! Not to mention the happiness and love that little sweet beautiful Norah has for the both of them! So much more memories to come for you two! Congrat's Owen Kim and Norah!








Congrat's Hans and Courtney!! [Wedding Photography Leavenworth WA.]

So much love and happiness to go around this weekend. Congrat's Hans and Courtney as your life begins as husband and wife! It was so sweet to see the girls so happy and how much they obviously love Hans to death! The day could't of been more perfect, even with the smoke all around us! Wishing you all the happiness and love in new and fun beginning's for you as a completed family! August 10th 2013 a great day!